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Social Coding

Welcome to Giveth’s Social Coding Circle.

Here we’re building an open source playground to cultivate learning, innovation and just generally trying to get people to build cool stuff. If you like building cool stuff and think github counts as social media ,this is the place for you.

We reward our community participants with RewardDAO points as well as bounties for larger tasks. In order to get points all you have to do is do awesome open source work on something that will help the mission of decentralization and then talk about it on Riot or Slack!

On a good day we’re making sure everything is as permissionless as possible and people have freedom to play with things that they want to learn or think are cool. We never want people to start getting Social Coding points for things they didn’t benefit from doing through gained knowledge, experience, or personal fulfillment!

Beyond that we don’t even know the full extent of what Social Coding is, or will become.

Our philosophy:

The best way to develop tools for building a DAC is to build a community of altruistic developers. So how does one build a community of altruistic developers ?

Well the way we see it is to give them a space where they can play, where they can try to build whatever they want and over time the tools should sort themselves out. At its most basic level the responsibility of Social Coding is to oversee anything beyond basic DApp development. Think of it as a zesty combination of R&D, coding bootcamp with a hint of community outreach.

The general cycle:

At the end of the day members of the social coding circle believe that sharing resources, access and information is the best way to grow the community of developers. It’s a place to learn, collaborate and contribute whatever you feel passionate about!

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Active Projects

Planning Tab 📑

This is app is a crucial building block for any organization that aims to coordinate work and streamline management duties, without traditional managers. This app will work with any ERC-20 token or Aragon DAO.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  Quazia, StellerMagnet, Rkzel Github Repo - @Quazia: Riot

BrightID 🌟🆔

BrightID uses the people you know (a social graph) to enforce one-account-per-person for important applications like voting and universal basic income, proves that you’re a unique person

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  Adam, RNBWD, Greenkode Abram Github Repo - Telegram, Email

Contributor Sign Up Sheet

Points Bot 🤖 ChatBot

A platform agnostic ERC20 bot where users or DAO entities can tip each other in tokens. The plan is to begin with Slack, Riot, and Twitter integrations, and then grow beyond.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact
TayTayTrey, Deamme Github Repo - Riot Room

Donation Leader Board 🏆

This web-application allows the display of transactions to an address on the Ethereum blockchain as a leaderboard.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact
GeleeRoyale Github Repo - Web3 and/or React dev @Geleeroyale: Riot

Eth Kan 📋

Imagine if each card on your project board was a contract that accepted ethereum, that’s EthKan!

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact
Xet7, Oz, KingFlurkel, Kiki Pluche Github Repo - Project manager/lead Riot Room

Other resources:

Snap Proof 🤞🏼

Description: Social media tool that takes video, collecting action and user images stored on a decentralized solution. Irreversible proof of presence and achievement. More detailed project description HERE

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  Ojones Github Repo Project lead, Front End Dev @Oz Slack

Wall of Fame 🎥

The wall of fame is a collection of videos that are made by Giveth contributors for fun or in order to claim points. The hosting solution is based on google firebase but will become decentralized with the help of e.g. IPFS.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  @Geleeroyale, Deamme GitHub1 2, Website - @deam: Riot

EIP0 📈🚨📉

The concept of EIP0 is to act as an Ethereum signal aggregator.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  Griffgreen GitHub Front end dev (HTML, CSS, JS), Project manager @Griffgreen: Riot

Brainstorming: here

Xchange Rates ⚖️

A tool that gives any exchange rate provided by cryptocompare API at any given day. It is aimed at people willing to justify a payment as you can get a link that will load the specific pair and date and value that you selected. The functionality and appearance needs improvement. Speacially, it should support a way to share rates of the current date in a stable fashion, as right now by taking the daily average, “today’s rate” keeps changing throughout the day.

Contributors Links Open Roles Contact  
  @DappLion Github Repo - Front end developer @Liondapp Riot

New projects:

We are always looking for new open source projects to add to this list. If you have an idea and you want to share it with the S0cial_C0ding Circle. Jump into our channel on Riot.